Lanzino "Glitz" Shirt Jacket (Pink Multicolor)

$ 139

Fellas, the weight and feel of this shirt jacket is none like you've ever felt. It has a multicolor sequence throughout the fabric. Look closely and pay attention to the detail

  • Modern fit (Follow size chart below)
  • Multicolor sequence
  • Ultra unique fabric 
  • Medium weight (not your average shirt)
  • Layer it and wear it open over a mock, or button it up 
  • Dress it up, tuck it in with black slacks. Or leave it untucked with a pair of jeans

Size Chart (Suit size comparable) 

**Sleeve lengths are about a 35/36

  • L = 40/42 suit 
  • XL = 42/44 suit
  • 2X = 44/46 suit
  • 3X = 46/48 suit 
  • 4X = 48/50 suit

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