Pre-Order Inserch wool blend peak lapel houndstooth blazer (black/white) 41

$ 225
  • This is a pre-order item, you are pre-paying to be guaranteed you'll get this first. 
  • Ship Date: 9.25.2023 
  • Wool blend fabrication
  • Heavy weight (the fabric has a hefty touch)
  • Matching houndstooth pant available, this is a exact match same fabrication


Size Notes*

Follow the below size chart for estimated comparisons
Below comparisons are according to your suit/chest/jacket size

  • S comparable to 36/38 suit
  • M comparable to 38/40 suit
  • L comparable to 40/42 suit 
  • XL comparable to 44/46 suit
  • 2X comparable to 46/48 suit 
  • 3X comparable to 52/54 suit 
  • 4X comparable to 54/56 suit
  • 5X comparable to 58/60 suit

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