Rossi Man Vested Wool Suit (Cool Blue)

$ 200
  • 3 Piece Suit - Jacket, Pants and Vest
  • Double Breasted Vest
  • 2 Side Vents on Jacket
  • 3 Flap Pockets On Jacket
  • 2 Button 
  • Single Pleat Pant
  • Regular Fit

SIZE NOTE* Regulars in this collection will fit mostly all guys up to 6'2, there is about 2 inches in the sleeve you can let out if needed. 

Proud to have such a long and rich heritage, Rossi Man has been suiting and booting up men for generations. Rossi Man combines contemporary fit and fashionable colors with patterns and styles for the modern gentlemen.

As a brand, Rossi Man inspires and guides; whatever the occasion, customers always look and feel exquisite. Rossi Man offers in-depth suiting expertise and knowledge while adapting to the latest fashion trends.

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