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Marcus Glenn "Michael The Majestic" Custom Bomber Jacket

$ 480

Michael the Majestic Bomber jacket story...

Michael the Majestic is one of many Sculptures represented in the series, “The Glenn’s Zoo”. In the animal kingdom the Lion by far can be said to be the most majestic. The lion represents strength, bravery, courage and being family orientated, not to mention royalty. These are just a few outstanding qualities that inspired the sculpture, Michael the majestic which now appears on a custom designed Bomber jacket.

Internationally known Artist Marcus Glenn was born and raised in Detroit. His paintings are displayed in prestigious art galleries throughout the United States, England, France, Russia and Japan. An adventure that Glenn is embarking on is fashion design based off original works of art created to encourage and inspire. Enjoy stepping into his creative world of Fashion design.


This item is custom made to order, Please allow 1 week for production. Once made it will ship out immediately. Please review the size chart below.

Exclusively at, you will only find this collection here! 

Size Chart in Suit/Sport Coat Comparable

For a snug fit

M = 38/40 , L = 40/42 , XL = 42/44 , 2X = 46/48 , 3X = 50/52 , 4X = 54/46

For a comfort relaxed fit

M = 36/38 , L = 38/40 , XL = 40/42 , 2X = 42/44 , 3X = 46/48 , 4X = 50/52

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