Enzo Modern Jean Cord Pant (Brown) Alph224

$ 98

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  • This collection is finally available online!
  • Enzo pants is proven to be a local favorite by mature men 
  • It's not a jean...It's not a dress pant...It's a nice casual...pant!
  • The fit is not baggy...also its not slim...it's a nice modern perfect fit. 

Size Note

  • Fellas, wearing over 40 maybe you should go up a size for more comfort. Guys wearing under 40 you can order your regular size. 
  • Length, all pants come standard at a 34 length, treat these pants with respect and get them altered if you wear a 32 length or below. 

About this specific pant

A soft, plush comfortable fabrication. A cross between a new age corduroy and a soft velvet. Words can't describe the touch. 

Try one, you wont be dissapointed, we guarantee it! 

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